Ray Manzarek – The Golden Scarab

Psychedelic jazz-rock by ex-Doors keyboardist When Ray Manzarek passed away in 2013, the world not only lost a fabulous musician, but also a wonderful human being. As anyone who has read his 1998 autobiography Light My Fire – My Life With The Doors will know, Manzarek was something of a wacky eccentric, who liked his… Read More Ray Manzarek – The Golden Scarab

The Doors – Strange Days

Strange days indeed… The Doors produced some of the most disturbing music ever to come out of the 1960’s. The band’s first single “Break On Through” made it into the L.A. Top Ten, though was largely ignored elsewhere across the U.S. They had better success with an abridged version of “Light My Fire”, which eventually… Read More The Doors – Strange Days

The Doors – An American Prayer

When Jim Morrison permanently checked out from planet earth while in Paris in July 1971, at first the other members of The Doors found it hard to accept that their dysfunctional lead singer was actually dead, to the extent that for many years Ray Manzarek entertained the possibility of Morrison having faked his own death,… Read More The Doors – An American Prayer