Van Morrison – His Band And The Street Choir

Hippie vibes intermingle with Belfast Soul After the fireside candlelit intimacy of Moondance, Van, his wife Janet, her son and their newborn daughter relocated to Woodstock, not far from where Bob Dylan (one of Morrison’s idols) was residing. Though despite its idyll surroundings, the local environs were literally crawling with hippies, whose way of life… Read More Van Morrison – His Band And The Street Choir

Van Morrison – Saint Dominic's Preview

At the end of 1971, Van Morrison had released four solo albums, each very different from the one before. From the enigmatic, Baroque folk-jazz of Astral Weeks, the domestic bucolic bliss of Moondance, the communal neo-hippie wanderings of His Band And The Street Choir, to the breezy, country excursions of Tupelo Honey, it seemed that… Read More Van Morrison – Saint Dominic's Preview

Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

I’m nothing but a stranger in this world… When Lester Bangs described Astral Weeks as a “mystical document,” he was in no uncertain terms misleading the listener. Because this album is nothing short of being a spiritual and holy article and one which Paul McCartney voted as his favourite album. That Van Morrison was a… Read More Van Morrison – Astral Weeks

Van Morrison – Veedon Fleece

Does Van Morrison really matter anymore? It’s a valid question, and one which some people were asking even as far back as the 1970’s. Certainly the man has remained one of the most enigmatic and, dare I say, spiritual figures of popular music, whose lyrics can be as compelling and impenetrable as any metaphysical poet from… Read More Van Morrison – Veedon Fleece