Stephen Stills – Carry On

Long overdue anthology chronicles Stills’ 50 year career As one-third of CSN, Stephen Stills has had a remarkable career. From Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, to Manassas and beyond, Stills, now in his 70’s, truly has earned his position as one of the great singer/guitarist/songwriter’s not just of his, but any other generation. His music has always… Read More Stephen Stills – Carry On

Stephen Stills – Live

If there’s one album in Stephen Still’s catalogue that deserves reappraisal, and perhaps even a deluxe reissue, it’s Stephen Stills Live, a document that captures the guitarist at his post CSN peak. Taken from performances recorded on March 8-9 1974, this album finds Stills and his band in fine form, with a setlist that will… Read More Stephen Stills – Live

Stephen Stills – Just Roll Tape

Fascinating time capsule of a bygone age Over the past three decades there has been a great deal of musical archaeology dedicated to the unveiling as well as preservation of the historical legacy of Messer’s Crosby, Stills and Nash. One which has seen each artist dive ever deeper into their respective archives to reveal much… Read More Stephen Stills – Just Roll Tape