Nick Drake – Time Of No Reply

Solitude, self-pity, alienation, poetry Nick Drake was a man of many shadows. Intense, aloof and sensitive are perhaps three words to describe him, whose brief career resulted in three extraordinary albums, each of which are wondrous reminders of Drake’s unique gifts as a singer/songwriter. However his was a talent that went largely unnoticed, despite the… Read More Nick Drake – Time Of No Reply

Nick Drake – Way To Blue: An Introduction To Nick Drake

Choice pickings of the solitary troubadour Sad, mysterious, tragic. Just those three words alone could best describe the life and work of singer/songwriter/poet Nick Drake, a man who was of his time, but also out of time. Such is the ethereal beauty of his songs that many writers, artists, poets, and even actors have succumbed… Read More Nick Drake – Way To Blue: An Introduction To Nick Drake

Nick Drake – The John Peel Session

Fabled recording at long last receives an official outing The session that Nick Drake recorded in 1969 for John Peel’s Son of Night Ride show has long been the stuff of legend, not so much for Drake’s performances themselves, but for the fact that the tapes have remained something of a holy grail for many a… Read More Nick Drake – The John Peel Session

Nick Drake – Pink Moon

After the sunny and endearing delights of “Bryter Layter”, Nick Drake’s third and final album would prove to be his most desolate and starkest outing this side of Sylvia Plath’s “Black Rook In Rainy Weather”.  At this point Drake had become an extreme recluse, having withdrawn so deeply within himself that even his closest acquaintances… Read More Nick Drake – Pink Moon