Keith Richards – Live at the Hollywood Palladium

Keith rips it up on superb live LP Let’s face it, Keith Richards is virtually indestructible. If the old adage ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ is actually true, then clearly a life spent imbibing alcohol and hard drugs has obviously paid off. And let’s not forget the man’s penchant for bangers and mash,… Read More Keith Richards – Live at the Hollywood Palladium

Keith Richards – Main Offender

When Keith Richards graduated from the University of Drugs and Debauchery he did so with flying colours. The fact that he’s still alive and making music should qualify him for his very own listing in Reader’s Digest’s Mysteries of the Unexplained. A cross between Don Juan and Count Dracula, the man’s colourful life and famous… Read More Keith Richards – Main Offender

Keith Richards – Talk Is Cheap

Talk is Cheap is the greatest Rolling Stones album never made by The Rolling Stones, and would probably never have even happened were it not for the deteriorating relationship between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, especially when the latter decided to embark on a solo career, which really pissed Keith off. But if I had… Read More Keith Richards – Talk Is Cheap