David Sylvian – Brilliant Trees

Despondent, depressing, timeless. If there was one artist more mercurial than David Bowie it was David Sylvian, whose 1984 solo debut Brilliant Trees, proved that one didn’t have to be commercial in order to be popular. And while Bowie was busy crooning about his “China Girl”, Sylvian was hiding in his backwaters, establishing new creative… Read More David Sylvian – Brilliant Trees

David Sylvian – A Victim of Stars

On the cover of this double CD compendium, we see David Sylvian appearing troubled and distraught, like a man caught in a moment of profound frustration, foundering upon his own search for philosophical insight. It’s a romantic image to be sure, and a more than appropriate one for an artist whose quest for beauty has never… Read More David Sylvian – A Victim of Stars

David Sylvian – Secrets of the Beehive

David Sylvian has always remained something of an enigma. As lead singer of Japan, whose electronic sounds and peroxide-pop tendencies pre-empted the new-romantic movement by at least a couple of years (a long time in the late ‘70’s), Sylvian’s unique and unassuming vision would ultimately pave the way for so many other bands who would… Read More David Sylvian – Secrets of the Beehive