Stephen Stills – Carry On

Long overdue anthology chronicles Stills’ 50 year career As one-third of CSN, Stephen Stills has had a remarkable career. From Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, to Manassas and beyond, Stills, now in his 70’s, truly has earned his position as one of the great singer/guitarist/songwriter’s not just of his, but any other generation. His music has always… Read More Stephen Stills – Carry On

Crosby, Stills & Nash – CSN

Harmonic trio reunite and prove that some things never change By the late ‘70s, CSN were already regarded as an anachronism, a post-hippie hangover that just wouldn’t go away. And while it’s true that the bulk of those who once subscribed to the counter-culture had by then assimilated into mainstream society, still, there was something… Read More Crosby, Stills & Nash – CSN

Crosby-Nash – Another Stoney Evening

Chemical brothers share the love on all acoustic set David Crosby and Graham Nash are clearly soulmates. Throughout all the turmoil between CSN and CSNY, Crosby and Nash have always remained close, despite the many obstacles and difficulties, both personal and creative. When these two hippie troubadours walked onto the stage of the Dorothy Chandler… Read More Crosby-Nash – Another Stoney Evening