Cold Chisel – Circus Animals

Chisel wear their hearts on their sleeves and unleash a classic in the process On the cover for their fourth studio album we see the group congregated around a lone and disused caravan somewhere in the vast and scorching Australian desert. If it weren’t for the enormous blue horizon behind them, you’d be mistaken for… Read More Cold Chisel – Circus Animals

Cold Chisel – Live At The Wireless

Today Cold Chisel is something of a musical institution, filling out stadiums and playing festivals across the entire country. So popular are they in fact I’m surprised that anyone applying for Australian citizenship must first be able to recite the lyrics to Khe Sanh before being handed their official certificate. How a song that was… Read More Cold Chisel – Live At The Wireless

Cold Chisel – The Live Tapes Volume 2

For many Australian rock and roll bands the 1970s was a largely unscripted and difficult decade, where gigs were tough and the road was hard. A life of cheap hotels and minimum chips for dinner, all washed down with whatever form of contemptible liquor they could afford, that is provided the band even got paid.… Read More Cold Chisel – The Live Tapes Volume 2

Cold Chisel – Teenage Love Affair

Released to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Cold Chisel’s last official album in 1984, Teenage Love Affair is a collection of demos and leftovers recorded between 1976 and 1983. The liner notes don’t exactly give much away in terms of information, apart from where and when the songs were recorded. This lack of insight… Read More Cold Chisel – Teenage Love Affair

Cold Chisel – The Barking Spiders Live

Mention Cold Chisel to anyone and you’re almost guaranteed to get one of two responses. Either they’ll smile at you before rattling off the names of a few of their favourite tunes, or you’ll get an immediate grimace followed by a dismissive shake of the head. Such is the polarisation the band is still capable… Read More Cold Chisel – The Barking Spiders Live

Cold Chisel – Twentieth Century

Having finished touring in support of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Circus Animals, Cold Chisel embarked on a European tour where the band were beginning to attract a following, mainly in Germany. This was in late 1982, with another German excursion scheduled for the following year. But by then, relations between all five members… Read More Cold Chisel – Twentieth Century