Ale Torriggino – Blue Light

Hope, war and happiness intermingle on Argentinian singer-songwriter’s latest LP After listening to Alejandro Torriggino’s latest album, Blue Light, it is obvious that this talented singer-songwriter from Argentina has grown considerably since his superb debut Sureste, an album which took the listener back to the days of classic Neil Young and the sunny, reflective climes… Read More Ale Torriggino – Blue Light

Ale Torriggino – Sureste

Young Argentinian troubadour┬ábares his soul on inspired debut When it comes to blues, folk-rock and Americana, one may not necessarily think of South America. Such is the stereotype many in the West can place upon other non English speaking countries who think that it is only in England and North America where musicians are truly… Read More Ale Torriggino – Sureste