Wolfmother – Wolfmother

Stoner rock for generation X Call it timing, or just plain old fashioned good luck, but Wolfmother’s 2006 debut came out when the whole garage-prog-rock movement was on the ascent, especially amongst those who were born in a post Sabbath/Zeppelin world. Lead singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale is clearly a child of the ‘70s, no doubt force-fed… Read More Wolfmother – Wolfmother

Neil Young – Mirror Ball

“People my age, they don’t do the things I do” By the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Neil Young was back in favour and releasing some of his finest albums since his ‘70s heyday. Young’s renaissance began in earnest with Freedom (1989), followed by the grungy Ragged Glory, (1990), the wistful Harvest Moon (1992), and… Read More Neil Young – Mirror Ball

Marc Ford – It’s About Time

Ex-Crowes lead guitarist makes his own mark on impressive debut Marc Ford will always be associated with The Black Crowes, whom he joined in late 1991 and remained until his departure in 1997 (he later rejoined the group in 2005/06). Yet apart from collaborations with Blue Floyd, Chris Stills and a couple of live albums… Read More Marc Ford – It’s About Time

The Doors – Live Pittsburgh Civic Arena 1970

Quality live release from The Doors’ Archives Apart from 1970’s Absolutely Live, Live Pittsburgh Civic Arena 1970 is the sixth (and almost) complete live archive release on The Doors’ Bright Midnight label and, it could be argued, one of the best. At just under 80 minutes, this is the full set as recorded 2nd May… Read More The Doors – Live Pittsburgh Civic Arena 1970

Beatles – Beatles For Sale

The Beatles’ meteoric rise continues When Beatles For Sale first appeared in 1964, it was their fourth studio album in just two years. Such was The Beatles touring and recording schedule since the band’s debut the year before, thanks to Parlophone’s determination to make as much money as possible while the iron was hot, that… Read More Beatles – Beatles For Sale

Stephen Stills – Carry On

Long overdue anthology chronicles Stills’ 50 year career As one-third of CSN, Stephen Stills has had a remarkable career. From Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, to Manassas and beyond, Stills, now in his 70’s, truly has earned his position as one of the great singer/guitarist/songwriter’s not just of his, but any other generation. His music has always… Read More Stephen Stills – Carry On

David Crosby – King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents

Superb live show from one of Rock’s true survivors Recorded live at the Tower Theater, Philadelphia on 8th April 1989, but not released officially on CD until 1996, The King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents was captured after what had been, for Crosby at least, an extremely difficult decade. After a period in prison in the… Read More David Crosby – King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents

The Beatles – Past Masters Volumes One & Two

Flawless collection of Beatles rarities, all in the one convenient package In the 1980’s, once EMI had reissued the original Beatles albums on CD, the question remained as to what to do with all the remaining tracks that were released separately as singles. The solution was as obvious as it was simple: compile all their… Read More The Beatles – Past Masters Volumes One & Two

Jeff Buckley – Sketches For My Sweetheart the Drunk

Befitting epitaph for the fallen troubadour Jeff Buckley’s first and only official studio album Grace was a long time coming. Even during recording sessions, Buckley was still playing catch up, writing new material as he went with his fellow band mates. Only three of its ten tracks were written solely by Jeff himself, with the… Read More Jeff Buckley – Sketches For My Sweetheart the Drunk