David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name

Crosby’s timeless, haunting masterpiece The first time I became aware of this album was after reading a review in Mojo Magazine’s “Forgotten Classics” section, many years ago while in my early twenties. Such is the influence of music journalism I knew I had to hear it. So one Saturday I went off to do a… Read More David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Couldn’t Stand The Weather

Texas guitarist whips up a tornado of his own on second album The career of Stevie Ray Vaughan in the 1980’s could be likened to that of Eric Clapton’s in the 1960’s; that is, both played an important and integral part in popularising a style of music either ignored, unknown or largely forgotten by the… Read More Stevie Ray Vaughan – Couldn’t Stand The Weather

Janis Joplin – Greatest Hits

Whom the Gods love dies young For someone who had such a short career, there can probably never truly be what could be described as a definitive best of. Box of Pearls, which contains all of her original studio albums, with bonus tracks, is far more authoritative, but perhaps way too exhaustive and comprehensive for… Read More Janis Joplin – Greatest Hits

Brothers Of A Feather – Live At The Roxy

Brothers in arms get back to basics The Black Crowes were never strangers when it came to acoustic performance. So it should come as no surprise that principle members Chris and Rich Robinson decided to embark on a separate tour of their own, playing smaller, more intimate venues while sitting down on chairs and telling… Read More Brothers Of A Feather – Live At The Roxy

Jethro Tull – Aqualung

Monks, mellotrons, and bearded ladies. Who’d have ever thought? Aqualung was the sort of album that could only have come out of Merry Old England. Jethro Tull itself originally began life as a blues-rock band with heavy folk leanings, however by 1970, they began to adopt a far more serious stance both in sound and… Read More Jethro Tull – Aqualung

Billy Thorpe – Tangier

Noble attempt at cementing guitar legend’s posthumous legacy In the ‘60s and ‘70s Billy Thorpe made a name for himself as one of Australia’s most iconic rockers, whose performances at The Sunbury Music Festival more than forty years ago are now the stuff of legend. Thorpe, with his band The Aztecs, were renowned as being… Read More Billy Thorpe – Tangier

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Live Alive

Sort of live, but definitely alive The 1980’s was a pretty strange time to be in if you were a blues guitarist. Since the ‘70s the blues had taken a serious back step since its ‘60s heyday. Even Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, two of England’s finest blues guitarists, had updated their style and sound… Read More Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Live Alive

Jimi Hendrix – Smash Hits

All of Jimi’s pre-1968 A- and B-sides in the one package In the ‘70s, superior compilations of Hendrix’s work were presented (i.e The Essential Vols 1 and 2), although Smash Hits was the first, having been released when Jimi was still alive, and contained many non-LP tracks that had been available only as singles. Because… Read More Jimi Hendrix – Smash Hits