AC/DC – Let There Be Rock

More primal rock-boogie from the masters of innuendo AC/DC are without a doubt the greatest and most successful hard-rock band ever to emerge from Australia. Made up of a bunch of street-wise proletariats, like most musicians of the time, they learned their craft the hard way, forging their signature style by playing working class pubs… Read More AC/DC – Let There Be Rock

The Beatles – Let It Be… Naked

Let It Be re-constructed for generations old and new The beginning of friction between The Beatles may have begun around the time of The White Album, however it was during recording sessions for Let It Be that bitter hostilities between all four members had reached boiling point. John Lennon, with Yoko Ono firmly by his… Read More The Beatles – Let It Be… Naked

The Byrds – The Notorious Byrd Brothers

The Byrds saddle up and go interstellar As a group, The Byrds had more talent than they knew what to do with, and who were a sort of California equivalent to The Beatles (only with superior harmonies, and a certain darker sensibility), whose interpretations of Bob Dylan were as seminal as they were authoritative. David… Read More The Byrds – The Notorious Byrd Brothers

Lobby Loyde – Beyond Morgia: The Labyrinths of Klimster

Obscure sci-fi masterpiece by Oz Rock guitar legend In the 1970’s science fiction had become a popular source of inspiration, and with books such as Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods doing the rounds not to mention the Apollo missions, it’s little wonder that certain rock musicians were captivated by the idea of space travel and… Read More Lobby Loyde – Beyond Morgia: The Labyrinths of Klimster

ZZ Top – Tres Hombre

Texas trio unleash a torrent of southern rock-boogie and reinvigorate the blues Before the beards, the revolving guitars, and sleazy MTV clips, ZZ Top were a relatively little known trio from Texas who loved to boogie. No glam or psychedelia for them, thank you very much. Just plain old time blues and no-frills southern rock.… Read More ZZ Top – Tres Hombre

Foamfoot – Crows From The Closet

Black Crowes singer flies off in a whole new direction In early 1994, Black Crowes’ co-founder and lead singer Chris Robinson was living on the American west coast, in Laurel Canyon, doing what musicians/artists often do, namely hang out, do drugs and jam with other musicians/artists. Jimmy Ashurst (JuJu Hounds), who was friends with Chris,… Read More Foamfoot – Crows From The Closet

Little Feat – Down On The Farm

Little Feat bow out with a mixed bag and mixed emotions As the last Little Feat album featuring original co-founder Lowell George, Down On The Farm would prove to be a difficult record to complete, namely due to two contributing factors: Lowell’s increasing dissatisfaction with the direction the group had been taking, as well as… Read More Little Feat – Down On The Farm

The Marshall Tucker Band – Carolina Dreams

Stetson hats, denim, and cowboy boots Yes, by 1977, the year when this album made its appearance, Southern-Rock had certainly come a long way. Named in honour of South Carolina, the state from which The Marshall Tucker Band originated, Carolina Dreams was their sixth record and most commercially successful. According to lead singer Doug Gray,… Read More The Marshall Tucker Band – Carolina Dreams

Bob Dylan – Time Out Of Mind

A far more vulnerable Dylan wrestles advancing age, hard boiled eggs and love After a string of good to not so good albums, few fans would have bet on Bob releasing a classic so late in his career. But that he did, surprising everyone, probably even Dylan himself. With Daniel Lanois (U2, Eno) in the… Read More Bob Dylan – Time Out Of Mind