Nick Drake – Time Of No Reply

Solitude, self-pity, alienation, poetry Nick Drake was a man of many shadows. Intense, aloof and sensitive are perhaps three words to describe him, whose brief career resulted in three extraordinary albums, each of which are wondrous reminders of Drake’s unique gifts as a singer/songwriter. However his was a talent that went largely unnoticed, despite the… Read More Nick Drake – Time Of No Reply

The Allman Brothers Band – Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival 3rd & 5th July 1970

Outstanding archive release of vintage Allmans The Allman Brothers Band hit the ground running on their self-titled 1969 debut, and never stopped. That album was a fine blend of southern rock, gritty blues with a little jazz thrown in for good measure. The following year’s Idlewild South was even better, including such immediate classics as… Read More The Allman Brothers Band – Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival 3rd & 5th July 1970

John Lennon – Wonsaponatime

Yoko Ono opens the vaults on first official collection of Lennon’s home, live and studio recordings Compiled by Yoko Ono, Wonsaponatime is a one CD collection of 1998’s four disc Anthology, whose 96 tracks are here condensed down to a mere 21. Yes, the box set is far more authoritative, and clearly the one every Lennon… Read More John Lennon – Wonsaponatime

Models – Out Of Mind Out Of Sight

Models bold ambitious fourth outing When it comes to Australian pop-rock bands in the 80s, no doubt INXS dominate the collective consciousness of the general public. Which is not surprising: statistically they outsold pretty much every other Oz group of the time; wrote decent, memorable ditties, and had a hedonistic front man to boot. But… Read More Models – Out Of Mind Out Of Sight

Wolfmother – Wolfmother

Stoner rock for generation X Call it timing, or just plain old fashioned good luck, but Wolfmother’s 2006 debut came out when the whole garage-prog-rock movement was on the ascent, especially amongst those who were born in a post Sabbath/Zeppelin world. Lead singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale is clearly a child of the ‘70s, no doubt force-fed… Read More Wolfmother – Wolfmother

Neil Young – Mirror Ball

“People my age, they don’t do the things I do” By the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Neil Young was back in favour and releasing some of his finest albums since his ‘70s heyday. Young’s renaissance began in earnest with Freedom (1989), followed by the grungy Ragged Glory, (1990), the wistful Harvest Moon (1992), and… Read More Neil Young – Mirror Ball

Marc Ford – It’s About Time

Ex-Crowes lead guitarist makes his own mark on impressive debut Marc Ford will always be associated with The Black Crowes, whom he joined in late 1991 and remained until his departure in 1997 (he later rejoined the group in 2005/06). Yet apart from collaborations with Blue Floyd, Chris Stills and a couple of live albums… Read More Marc Ford – It’s About Time