The Black Crowes – Souled Out Live


This mini live album consists of performances recorded at The Fox Theatre, Atlanta on Easter Sunday 1998, and was issued the following year as a limited edition CD in Japan as part of the band’s tour that year to promote their latest album By Your Side. Strangely it contains a studio take of single “Go Faster”, plus a live version immediately afterwards, perhaps as a way of offering the listener a chance to compare. This is where the group really went back to their early days, circa Shake Your Money Maker, with high energy playing, cocaine-fuelled vocals, and blistering guitar solos. It’s a song which has copped a lot of criticism over the years from many die-hard fans, but what can’t be denied is that the tune was and remains a great deal of fun to listen to, in a dumb rock and roll sort of way.

“Kickin’ My Heart Around” was the first single off By Your Side, and here the group give it all they’ve got, as they also do on an absolutely monstrous thirteen minute “My Morning Song” (even throwing in a brief section of “Whole Lotta Love”), unleashing a small tornado in the process, to the extent that I’m surprised if there was anyone in the audience left standing by the end. Audley Freed and Rich Robinson work superbly together on guitar, while Steve Gorman proves that he can play the old pots and pans like few other drummers can. “Blackberry”, from the underrated Three Snakes And One Charm, is given a funky, bluesy execution, followed by an extremely muscular “No Speak No Slave”, sounding just like they did when Marc Ford was still a member, while the classic “Remedy” has the Crowes firing on all six cylinders throughout.

Often forgotten nowadays, Souled Out Live is a reminder of how strong The Black Crowes could be on stage. That they are no longer around, makes this document a worthy addition to any fan’s collection.