Big Star – Keep An Eye On The Sky

More than four decades after their debut, Big Star’s commercial failures seem like a triumph now, something which this four CD boxed set clearly demonstrates. But Rhino’s Keep Your Eye On The Sky isn’t just any box set, padded out with third rate demos and whatever scraps off the cutting room floor as a way… Read More Big Star – Keep An Eye On The Sky

Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield Again

Buffalo Springfield has often been described as America’s answer to The Beatles, an argument which I have never quite understood. Yes the group consisted of five extremely talented young musicians, most notably Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay, Dewey Martin and Bruce Palmer. But in terms of The Beatles, they couldn’t have been more different.… Read More Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield Again

Genesis – Selling England By The Pound

Foxtrot might be considered by many as their finest moment, but for me it will always be 1973’s Selling England By The Pound, one of that year’s biggest, and boldest musical statements made by one of the UK’s biggest and weirdest musical acts. As a quintet of well educated public school boys, Genesis never pretended… Read More Genesis – Selling England By The Pound

The Who – Who’s Next

The rock opera Tommy was always going to be a hard act to follow, with its bold, cinematic concepts and a narrative straight out of the warped consciousness of Pete Townshend, someone who almost single-handedly invented the idea of thinking man’s pop. However The Who were never really into the whole trippy dippy idealism of… Read More The Who – Who’s Next

John Cale – Paris 1919

Lou Reed might well have eclipsed him in terms of popularity, though John Cale remained a major talent in his own right. As a co-founder of The Velvet Underground, Cale was undoubtedly the most avant-garde and experimental, whose sonic excursions could make the listener either smile or wince, depending on their disposition. Paris 1919 is one… Read More John Cale – Paris 1919