The Stray Cats – Gonna Ball

At a time when most musicians were trading in their more traditional instruments for synthesisers and electric drumkits, it was rather refreshing to hear a trio of young rockers preferring to belt it out the old fashioned way, using equipment which was as primitive as it was antiquated. The Stray Cats’ first album, Runaway Boys,… Read More The Stray Cats – Gonna Ball

The Rolling Stones – Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)

By the mid ‘60s, Jagger and Richards’ songwriting partnership was truly beginning to blossom, seeing them gradually move away from being R&B imitators to rock ‘n’ roll super studs. Calling this compilation Big Hits might have seemed arrogant, but it was an appropriate one all the same, and one which made sense. Compiling most of… Read More The Rolling Stones – Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)

Stephen Stills – Just Roll Tape

Fascinating time capsule of a bygone age Over the past three decades there has been a great deal of musical archaeology dedicated to the unveiling as well as preservation of the historical legacy of Messer’s Crosby, Stills and Nash. One which has seen each artist dive ever deeper into their respective archives to reveal much… Read More Stephen Stills – Just Roll Tape

Radiohead – Amnesiac

If Kid A sounded like a band phoning it in from Antarctica, then Amnesiac reassured everyone that everything was still OK in Radiohead world. Surprisingly, Kid A was the group’s first number one album in the US, incredible considering how anti-commercial that LP really was, with its bleak, computerised soundscapes and melancholic overtones. After the immense… Read More Radiohead – Amnesiac

Radiohead – Kid A

Back in 2000, rumours that Radiohead were busy working on their next LP, generated much anticipation and expectation among their legion of devotees. The band’s last album, 1997’s OK Computer, had become a worldwide hit, propelling them into the international stratosphere. So when it was finally announced that they were soon issuing a follow-up, naturally everyone waited with… Read More Radiohead – Kid A

Bob Dylan – Another Side of Bob Dylan

Another side indeed… By 1964 it was becoming increasingly clear that Bob Dylan was getting restless, tired of playing to the same old folk scene month after month, year after year. Although still all acoustic, on Another Side of Bob Dylan, this “prophet, mystic poet” succeeded in writing a collection of songs that would be… Read More Bob Dylan – Another Side of Bob Dylan