Crossfire – Direct To Disc

Australian jazz fusion group Crossfire began life in Sydney 1974, when guitarist Jim Kelly and percussionist Ian Bloxsom decided to form a band, which also included Tony Buchanan (flutes), Don Reid (sax/flutes), Phil Scorgie (bass), Greg Lyon (bass), Doug Gallagher (drums), and Steve Hopes (drums/percussion). Most of the members had learned their chops playing in… Read More Crossfire – Direct To Disc

Tim Buckley – Look At The Fool

Tim Buckley’s last record could hardly be considered a triumph. After issuing a series of critically acclaimed albums for whatever inexplicable reason the multi-octave singer never found the wider audience he so obviously deserved. His previous effort, Sefronia, while nowhere near as bad as some make out, was hardly going to set the world on fire… Read More Tim Buckley – Look At The Fool

John Coltrane – Interstellar Space

As the ‘60s dawned it would seem that John Coltrane was determined to permanently turn his back on being an accessible artist. Often considered as one of his most influential works, Interstellar Space is certainly not for everyone. Fans of “My Favourite Things” and “Blue Trane” may struggle with its seemingly random and “multidirectional” explorations. Also, those… Read More John Coltrane – Interstellar Space

Jimi Hendrix – West Coast Seattle Boy

When Jimi Hendrix released his debut album Are You Experienced in 1967, he was already being hailed as a genius by critics and fellow musicians alike. Although the pop/rock scene was indeed brimming with brilliant young guitarists, Hendrix not only revolutionised the electric guitar, but gave it a whole new perspective. Released in 2010, West… Read More Jimi Hendrix – West Coast Seattle Boy

John Coltrane – Meditations

One man’s meditation can be a migraine to another. By the early ‘60’s, John Coltrane found himself moving ever further away from traditional forms of musical expression, and into what could be described as uncharted territory, even for jazz. So much so that the saxophonist’s influence and ability to break down barriers not only within his… Read More John Coltrane – Meditations

Chris Robinson – This Magnificent Distance

On Chris Robinson’s second solo album, This Magnificent Distance, the former Black Crowes singer managed to distance himself even further from his previous band than ever before. And while not exactly a depressing listen it is most certainly a far more cynical one than 2002’s New Earth Mud, a record many Crowes fans found both… Read More Chris Robinson – This Magnificent Distance