The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Live In Ottawa

In 2001, Dagger Records released this little gem, an almost complete performance of the JHE recorded at The Capitol Theatre in Ottawa, Ontario on 19th March 1968. Although not officially taped, this rough, two-track mixing console recording was obviously made by someone who knew what they were doing, because it certainly wasn’t made by an… Read More The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Live In Ottawa

Miles Davis – Birth of the Cool

Although credited to Miles Davis, without Gerry Mulligan’s playing and superb compositions “Jeru”, the beautiful “Venus de Milo” and “Rocker”, Birth of the Cool might have turned out very differently. Kind of Blue might be widely considered as one of the greatest jazz records ever made, however this collection is, one could argue, far more… Read More Miles Davis – Birth of the Cool

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Paris 1967/San Francisco 1968

Recorded live at The Olympia Theatre, Paris, France, October 9, 1967, and The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, February 4, 1968, these two performances by the Jimi Hendrix Experience are fascinating insights into the group’s progression while still in its infancy. The first show was recorded with the intention of being broadcast on French radio, something… Read More The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Paris 1967/San Francisco 1968

Coloured Balls – Ball Power

Released in 1973, Ball Power was the debut LP for Lobby Loyde’s new band The Coloured Balls, a group whose idea of moderate drinking would have put most men under the table. His previous album, Plays with George Guitar, was an experimental affair, overflowing with inventive, hard hitting acid-fuelled riffs, all played out with enough… Read More Coloured Balls – Ball Power

John Lennon – Imagine

Of all John Lennon’s solo albums, Imagine was his most critically acclaimed and commercially successful. And while his debut was emotionally powerful, it didn’t quite have the appeal of this record, which Lennon himself described as “Working Class Hero with sugar on it”. Not long after purchasing Tittenhurst estate in 1969, Lennon installed an 8-track… Read More John Lennon – Imagine