Jimi Hendrix – The Baggy's Rehearsal Sessions

In the decades following the death of Jimi Hendrix, there has been no shortage of bootlegs to sate the most devoted disciples of the late guitarist, many of whom appear possessed with an almost insatiable hunger for anything with the man’s name on it. Although as any serious music collector understands all too well, bootlegs can… Read More Jimi Hendrix – The Baggy's Rehearsal Sessions

The Doors – An American Prayer

When Jim Morrison permanently checked out from planet earth while in Paris in July 1971, at first the other members of The Doors found it hard to accept that their dysfunctional lead singer was actually dead, to the extent that for many years Ray Manzarek entertained the possibility of Morrison having faked his own death,… Read More The Doors – An American Prayer

Fleetwood Mac

Whenever visiting other people’s houses, one of the things I often find myself doing, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, is take a quick glance over their CD shelf (LPs if you’re lucky), in the same way a collector of antique furniture might instinctively take an interest in their guests’ surrounding decor. And while… Read More Fleetwood Mac

Keith Richards – Talk Is Cheap

Talk is Cheap is the greatest Rolling Stones album never made by The Rolling Stones, and would probably never have even happened were it not for the deteriorating relationship between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, especially when the latter decided to embark on a solo career, which really pissed Keith off. But if I had… Read More Keith Richards – Talk Is Cheap