The Rolling Stones – Sucking In the 70s

Ever eager for a few extra dollars to pay for their extravagant lifestyle, The Rolling Stones were no strangers to compilations, and the masters of recycling their own material ad nauseam (Hot Rocks, More Hot Rocks, Rolled Gold, the list is almost endless). Sucking in the Seventies could be described as yet another cynical grab… Read More The Rolling Stones – Sucking In the 70s

Eric Clapton – Backless

After the success of 1977’s Slowhand, Clapton’s fans could be excused for having high expectations with regards to his next album. Whether Backless was underrated or misunderstood is perhaps a moot point. It possessed many of the same sort of elements as its predecessor; namely a J.J. Cale cover; a couple of Bob Dylan numbers; some… Read More Eric Clapton – Backless