Jimi Hendrix – Midnight Lightning

One cannot talk about Crash Landing without also including Midnight Lightning in the discussion. And for anyone who regarded the former as an abomination, imagine how they must have felt upon hearing this, its bastard brother? Midnight… was the second instalment of albums produced by the oft demonized Alan Douglas (with Tony Bongiovi riding shot-gun).… Read More Jimi Hendrix – Midnight Lightning

Ray Manzarek – The Whole Thing Started with Rock and Roll Now it's Out of Control

The Doors were one of the most exciting and inventive groups of the 60’s and early 70’s, whose ability to blend Baroque, blues, rock, jazz, pop, and even Flamenco all into one cerebral vessel was as unparalleled as it was distinct. But when Jim Morrison moved to Paris in 1971, never to return, the remaining… Read More Ray Manzarek – The Whole Thing Started with Rock and Roll Now it's Out of Control

The Doors – Other Voices

With Jim Morrison’s death in Paris in 1971, one would assume that the final curtain had definitely fallen on The Doors as a functioning unit, or at least that’s what someone should have said to the remaining band members. Some of the songs presented here had actually been rehearsed with Morrison present, but not recorded proper until… Read More The Doors – Other Voices

Jimi Hendrix – Crash Landing

Hendrix comes back from the grave By the mid 1970’s any 50’s or 60’s recording artist who wasn’t still alive and making fresh music might as well have not even existed, no matter how famous they may have been in their heyday (Elvis being one exception). In this respect, Jimi Hendrix was hardly any different. And while… Read More Jimi Hendrix – Crash Landing

The Rolling Stones – Tattoo You

From the very first three chords you know that something wonderful is about to explode from out of your speakers, and indeed “Start Me Up” is not only exciting, but one of the greatest openers on any Stones album, period. It’s also one of the band’s horniest, proving that these middle-aged rockers had the libido of… Read More The Rolling Stones – Tattoo You