Robert Wyatt – Rock Bottom

This is one curious animal. Not quite fish, not quite bird, but definitely mammal. When psychedelic, Jazz-surrealist Robert Wyatt released his second solo album Rock Bottom in 1974, there was little else quite like it. Quirky – yes. Eccentric – definitely. But apart from that, it remains a difficult LP to categorise. Not really progressive… Read More Robert Wyatt – Rock Bottom

Stanley Clarke – School Days

When it comes to Jazz bassists in the 1970’s, there are two names which seem to dominate; Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke. The former probably gets the majority of acclaim among critics, whose mellifluous and melodic bass lines were nothing short of a revelation at the time. While the latter’s style was a little earthier,… Read More Stanley Clarke – School Days

Cold Chisel – The Live Tapes Volume 2

For many Australian rock and roll bands the 1970s was a largely unscripted and difficult decade, where gigs were tough and the road was hard. A life of cheap hotels and minimum chips for dinner, all washed down with whatever form of contemptible liquor they could afford, that is provided the band even got paid.… Read More Cold Chisel – The Live Tapes Volume 2

Weather Report – Heavy Weather

Weather Report were one of the earliest jazz fusion groups to emerge at the beginning of the ’70s, who were unique in that they didn’t have a guitarist to light the fire and excite the audience alongside the likes of the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return to Forever, instead relying on pure instrumental virtuosity and intelligent… Read More Weather Report – Heavy Weather

Jack Bruce – Songs For A Tailor

Jack Bruce is without a doubt one of the most influential electric bass players who ever lived, whose style and unique approach would inspire a whole generation of bassists who were yet to come; Sting and jazz fusion pioneer Jaco Pastorius being just two examples. And when Cream imploded in late 1968, it was almost… Read More Jack Bruce – Songs For A Tailor