Steely Dan – Aja

  The driving force behind Steely Dan were (and continue to be) Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, both of whom looked more like a pair of creepy cannibals than a couple of extremely talented musical perfectionists. Originally neither of them had any real ambitions of performing, instead seeing themselves as songwriters on the payroll of ABC Records.… Read More Steely Dan – Aja

Jimi Hendrix: Blues

I can foresee the day when Jimi Hendrix fans around the world will bow their heads in existential angst and weep uncontrollably upon the realisation that there is nothing left remaining in the vaults to sate their obsessive appetites. For let’s face it, the man’s career, at least as far as his first solo album is concerned, lasted barely… Read More Jimi Hendrix: Blues

Richard Clapton – Best Years 1974-2014

With a career spanning more than four decades, Richard Clapton is one of Australia’s most respected singer-songwriters, who has more classic songs under his belt than any artist has a right to, and whose music has over the years successfully woven itself into the very fabric of Australian culture. For as certain as you’ll see a… Read More Richard Clapton – Best Years 1974-2014